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21 Place de l'Hôtel de Ville
70150 MARNAY

Tél. : +33 (0)3 84 31 90 91
Opening hours:
Du 01/06 au 30/09, ouvert du lundi au vendredi (From Monday to Friday / Montag bis Fritag) 09 h 30 - 12 h 30 / 14 h 00 - 18 h 00. Du 01/07 au 31/08, ouvert le samedi (Saturday / Samstag) 14 h 00 - 17 h 00 et le dimanche (Sunday / Sonntag) 09 h 00 - 13 h 00.
Communauté de Communes du Val Marnaysien

The Ognon Valley, almost 100 km long, is rich of nature et culture. 5 Visitors Center are here to welcome you and suggest you a wonderful stay, full of surprises ! Hiking, cycling, canoeing, sweetmeats and relaxing, the Ognon Valley has so much to offer. Come and visit us !
The Gy Hills, in the Ognon Valley

To do :
1. A nature excursion in the massif of the Gy Hills, on a mountain bike trail, a hiking trail or a cyclist loop
2. Visit the historic sites : the Gy castle, the Small Cities with Character Gy and Bucey-les-Gy
3. A discover-afternoon of the vineyards, on the sunny hillsides of the Gy Hills. 

Visitor Center of the Gy Hills
00 33 +3 84 32 93 93 -
The Val de Pesmes, in the Ognon Valley

To do :
1. Discover the historic sites : visit of Pesmes, certified “Small City with Character” and “Plus beaux Villages de France”, its protected monuments, and the museum of the ancient forge
2. Discover the works of art and the modern sculptures of Ile Art, on the ancient quarry of Malans
3. An relaxing afternoon at the leisure center WOKA Loisirs in Pesmes

Visitor Center of the Val de Pesmes
00 33 +9 50 17 09 00 -
The 7 Rivers Area, in the Ognon Valley

To do :
1. A hike to discover the medieval village of Fondremand, certified “Small City with Character”
2. A sportive afternoon at the acrobatic course in the trees of Thiénans, in the heart of the Montbozon Forest
3. A gourmet excursion to discover the local gastronomy and the Montbozon cookies. 

Visitor Center of the 7 Rivers Area
00 33 +3 84 91 84 98 -
The Villersexel Area, in the Ognon Valley

To do :
1. An excursion on the cycle track of the Ognon Valley, on one of our hiking trails, or a canoe trip on the river Ognon
2. Visit the historic sites : the medieval castle of Oricourt, the castle of Villersexel, the Romanesque church of Marast, or the old town of Villersexel certified “Small City with Character”
3. A relaxation and bathing afternoon at the lakes of Val de Bonnal

Visitor Center of Villersexel Area
00 33 +3 84 20 59 59 -
In the Great Besançon...

To do :
Capital of time, Besançon has many architectural treasures that will undoubtedly delight all lovers of heritage (Renaissance facades, open staircases, Vauban fortifications registered with UNESCO ...).
Vauban's masterpiece, the Citadel of Besançon is considered one of the most beautiful citadels in France. To discover inside: the museum Comtois, the museum of resistance and deportation, the museum (zoological garden, aquarium, insectarium, noctarium ...).
3. Another way to discover a city, a river: the boat promenade. Taste the charm of a commented cruise...

Visitor Center of Besançon
00 33 +3 81 80 92 55 -
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